The Wellness Collective of Grand Rapids is a community of holistic practitioners committed to cultivating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This collective is formed on the belief that all aspects of life are deeply interconnected and that through collaboration, education, and empowerment we can offer a new vision of Wellness to our community. At the collective we strive to provide opportunities for anyone wishing to deepen their relationship with body and soul in a compassionate, safe and confidential environment. Each practitioner brings a specialized approach and valuable insight into the wellness journey. We each offer individualized appointments along with providing educational classes and transformational workshops held here at our center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  

Whole Person

Mind, body and soul. The path to your highest and deepest health is a dance between all the parts of the whole person. The holistic health practitioners at WCGR take this perspective seriously as we seek to invite all parts of the individual into the work we do.


You already have what it takes! The WCGR believes that all individuals possess the power to heal and grow. We offer our services of support as you unlock and unleash your health, truth and energy.


We work together, because wellness is amplified when we share knowledge, resources and passions. WCGR practitioners depend on each other to provide comprehensive service to each client and education to our community.


Go beyond healing into even greater happiness and fulfillment in all the parts of your life. The vision of the WCGR is to promote clarity, discovery and courage as you move into greater freedom and flourishing.

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