Energy vibrates at this time of year. With so much to do and so little time, what are we to do? Deep inside we know this level of energy is not meant to be. We know there is a different way. As it so happens Mother Nature has a different story to tell. Mother Nature tries to guides us naturally to slow down, to connect and to prepare our hearts and bodies for the winter to come.

Ancient civilizations recognized this turning point toward the gradual return of the light as a time of reawakening and rebirth, a time of new beginnings. This period still today gently encourages time for introspection and preparation for our spirit to open and receive the coming light.

In ancient times the Winter Solstice was a celebration that the days were going to get shorter and you (hopefully) had enough food to last until Spring. Because the coming deep winter months also required preparation for a period of survival on less sustenance, the Winter Solstice was also known as the hibernal solstice and celebrated as the last joyous feast day until spring.

The Solstice means ‘sun stand still’ and this is the time when the sun seems to halt in the sky. It would lend to the understanding that we would halt as well. The feast would nurture our bodies and hibernation would rest our souls. The preparation is for our light to guide us towards renewal in the new season.

There are many ways you can bring the magic of Winter Solstice into your homes and prepare for the new season. Here are a few ways to make the most of the sacred energy to turn chaos into peace:

  • Attend our Winter Solstice Celebration: Thursday, December 20th 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Take walks under the moon. Ask the question: How am I naturally to be in this world?
  • Meditation with candlelight. Listen without judgement and ask the question: What do I need to know?
  • Create a circle of candles. Invite each family member to light a candle and arrange them in a circle. You might decide to honor the North, South, East and West and what they each bring into your lives.
  • Add additional prayer and gratitude into your spiritual practice.
  • Have a Solstice feast. Invite people over for a potluck dinner or make a big hot-pot of warming stew for the family and eat it around the Solstice fire.


About: Raechel Morrow is the founder and executive director of Grand Rapids Healing Yoga. She offers training in therapeutic yoga, yoga therapy, and trauma-informed modalities. She works with clients privately to help create emotional, mental, and physical release through yoga and other healing modalities. She is known for saying; “It all gets to be here.” By creating a safe and non-judgmental space for the client to explore their patterns, Raechel offers body-based therapy for creating change and transformation. She believes that each can find their answers and discover their deepest Self when given the opportunity to be empowered, embodied, and explore. Raechel recently step into the role as Executive Director of the Body, Mind, Being Project, bringing Trauma Sensitive Yoga and education in trauma to mental health professionals and unserved communities. 

Reposted with permission from Grand Rapids Healing Yoga.