What is a Biomagnetic Pair Therapist? What does this title even mean?

Wellness Collective member Ann Sinclair can answer these questions as one who has experienced the healing benefit of magnets not only with her clients, but also in the life of her own son. Faced with her son’s grave illness and few answers, Ann made a discovery that changed the course of her son’s life and her own. Learn more about Ann’s story and how biomagnetic pair therapy was the key to unlocking the answers in this interview…

Where did you grow up? What things were you drawn to/curious about? What are you drawn to now?
I grew up in Brighton Michigan and I was always drawn to teaching, so I began teaching 3rd grade and middle school math. A book that changed my outlook on life in high school was A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. Now I’m drawn to helping people feel better, while also teaching people ways to help themselves in their healing process.

What event in your life had the biggest impact on who you are?
Definitely the one thing that has had the greatest impact on my life was getting married to someone who was my best friend yet also very different. Learning to live with each other and our differences by growing and seeing the changes both of us went through was an amazing journey. I’m proud of my marriage and raising my three kids, along with continually seeking more out of life rather than what is right in front of me.

Was there a specific moment that ignited your holistic flame?
My son became very ill and after spending years struggling to find answers to what was wrong with him we went to see a well-known homeopath in the area who discovered that it was Lyme Disease. She helped clear his chronic sinus infections within just a week which completely opened my mind to holistic healing. A little while later we saw a naturopathic doctor out west who was able to treat the disease using magnets. Given my son’s miraculous recovery I was inspired to delve into this practice.

What is biomagnetic pair therapy?
Biomagnetic pair therapy uses two magnets of opposite polarity and places them at different points of the body in order to find any imbalances through muscle testing. Once you find the imbalance, you use the magnets to balance the pH in the area so that the body can operate more efficiently and begin recovering. Overall it is a low cost, non-invasive therapy that allows your body to start to heal itself physically and emotionally.

How does your work in biomagnetic therapy differ from other types of therapies?
I use a form of healing that uses magnets so I work with micro bioenergetics in combination with biomagnetism in order to find the emotions tied to the imbalances in order to release them. When a person contracts a disease it is usually due to some sort of conflict in their lives and micro bioenergetics seeks to find not only the microbe involved, but also the time span and emotions connected to the disease. I feel that there are so many methods of healing out there; I just found one that resonated with me.

What type of people/symptoms do you generally work with?
I’ve worked a lot with Lyme disease since I had been personally involved with that community, but I’ve also worked with a large variety of problems such as intestinal issues, acne, pain and hormonal issues. I love working with youth, but I usually work with a variety of different age groups.

The most important thing to remember in day to day life is ______.
Everything is perfect. No matter what happens or is meant to happen, it is perfect in its own way.


About: Ann Sinclair is a biomagnetic pair therapist and owner of Biomag Balance. She works to balance mind, body, and spirit through the use of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, Microbioenergetics and The Mora Technique.