Betsy Rosenbrook has the ability to really see into someone. As a counselor and yoga teacher this is an important quality to have. Starting out as a social worker, Betsy has worked with many kinds of people from all walks of life; her ability to see, meet, and accept people where they are is one of her strengths.

As a counselor, Betsy found that traditional talk therapy wasn’t providing the kind of complete treatment she wanted to offer her clients. Read more to learn how she discovered yoga and why she believes that traditional yoga philosophy blended with modern talk therapy provides a more complete therapeutic experience.

Why counseling and yoga?
Looking back, it was kind of strange how it all came to be. When I was a kid I had no idea I’d be doing this, but I’ve always been a good listener and genuinely cared about people. Nevertheless, when I worked as a social worker I didn’t feel like I was helping people as much as I was just helping the system. Helping people in a more holistic way was my calling, since I believe that there’s always hope for healing and wholeness. After having my children, I found yoga and then one day when I was in the shower, it just came to me. This is what helped me feel whole and more like myself. I wanted to share it with others. I talked it over with friends and family who gave me their full support. The rest is history.

How was your educational experience? What important things did you gain from it?
I have an undergraduate and a master’s degree in social work and although it wasn’t the path I really wanted, it has given me access to many different groups of people including the underprivileged, whom working with reminds me why I chose this work. Now I am able to bring a tangible healing resource to people who otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to it! I completed a registered yoga teacher certification which gave me the knowledge to talk about the why and how of each yoga pose as well as the importance of breath along with its effects on the body. I’ve also done a lot of personal research about how trauma affects the body and how to heal from it by melding the two worlds of social work and what I do now.

Was there a specific moment/event/happening that ignited your holistic flame?
It was a natural progression where the first class I took gave me a break and the breath of fresh air I needed to guide myself into self-care. That led to understanding more about this field.

How does your work differ from other counselors and yoga teachers?
I have a background in traditional talk therapy so I find it useful to talk to and educate people about new ideas and how those ideas impact them. The traditional yoga philosophy blended with modern talk therapy provides an authentic representation of who I am. I am a social worker who believes in expressing the self through verbalization while also experiencing oneself through body-based therapy which is also necessary. It doesn’t happen very much in the community, yet I have found it to be very beneficial in my practice.

What type of people/symptoms do you generally work with?
I work with people who are open to finding their best selves and who are on a healing journey. I work mostly with kids and adults, but I am open to see pretty much anyone. I work primarily with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and relationship issues.

In your eyes, what does a beautifully spent day look like to you?
I was just there last weekend, up north in a cabin by the lake, having a bonfire on the beach with family. There was no rush or demand, just a quiet day where we were just happy and together.

The most important thing to remember in day-to-day life is ______.
Every moment has the potential to be great. We have more power and control over our own happiness than we know. That’s why everything is going to be okay.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
I’d say my kids and the fact that they are growing up to be good people. Being part of the movement that is using yoga, breath work, and movement to heal has been wonderful. I found my calling and potential to do more good in the world.


About: Betsy Rosenbrook is a counselor and registered yoga teacher with Grand Rapids Healing Yoga. Blending traditional elements of talk therapy with somatic therapies, Betsy brings health and wellness to the whole person.