Wellness Collective member Rachel Leah Gerson is a metaphysical practitioner offering inner guidance sessions and psychic training. She helps people connect with the mystical. Though she has a deep capacity to see and feel into realms beyond our normal senses, she would be the first person to tell you that this ability is accessible to everyone!

“What I do is not about “being” psychic. If you’re human, you’re psychic. It’s about helping people to learn who they are on a different level of wholeness and to make sense of what they don’t think makes sense within themselves.”  -Rachel Leah Gerson

Resonating Quote:
“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our Light, not our Darkness, that most frightens us.”
– Marianne Williamson

Was there a moment that sparked your holistic flame?
I’d say being conceived. I definitely came out of the womb this way. I had been practicing by myself in many modalities such as energy work, numerology, astrology, meditation, card reading, and all kinds of psychic training and tools. I even did moon ceremonies as a child without knowing what they were or why I was doing them! My plan out of college was to be a preschool teacher and eventually open a metaphysical preschool, but then I realized I didn’t want to deal with all the bureaucracy. That was when I began going through a bit of an identity crisis, like what am I going to do now? While working through some health issues with Nancy Despres (who is now also a Collective member), I had the time to rest and sink into myself. ”Who was I, and what was my purpose, really?’ A light bulb sparked inside me so I asked myself “why don’t I do this?” That’s when I started doing research and realized that there is literally no one else who does what I currently do, which is a real shame. There are psychics, there are energy healers, there are astrologists, etc. but there is no one out there who weaves all of it together to look at psychic energy in a more holistic way. We need to begin to pay more attention to the emotional, physical, and energetic aspects of an individual as a whole so people can get to know all aspects of themselves. What I do is not about “being” psychic. If you’re human, you’re psychic. It’s about helping people to learn who they are on a different level of wholeness and to make sense of what they don’t think makes sense within themselves.

How does your work differ from other psychics or practitioners?
I believe other therapies usually focus on one thing. I would say I focus on one thing through the lens of many things. I use the pairing between counseling techniques and psychic tools to help people find what I call their “inner gold.” Basically, if you think about it, gold is a heavy metal so it’s like all of the hardships you’ve been through and will continue to go through in life; it’s your shadow. It’s also shiny, like the light that makes you shine. The combination of that darkness and light makes us human and that humanity is what makes us able to permeate humankind with our wisdom. Additionally, I differ from your average “psychic” in that, rather than tell people who they are I tell people what I’m reading and ask them how they feel about it; I allow them to find their own answers, which is why I’ve titled my sessions as “Metaphysical Inner Guidance.” I believe strongly in teaching a person how to fish rather than merely feeding them. When I do sessions I am not the only psychic in the room. Like I said – you’re human, you’re psychic.

What type of people or symptoms do you work with most?
I work with humans of all genders and age groups. I think the psychic self is the last thing to be taken into account by most people because your physical self is felt and seen and your emotional self is very experienced and widely accepted, but the psychic self, on the other hand, is not as well researched scientifically, which, thankfully, is starting to change! As far as the “symptoms” that I work with most, existential things come up a lot: What is my life’s purpose? Why am I here? How do I find happiness? How do I connect with my higher self? People also come in for help with past life energies and karmic relations that are affecting them in this lifetime. I also work with people experiencing physical pain (which may also be due, many times, to trapped energy or emotions) like bad backs or MS, or who are recovering from surgery. I use a method called “Twisting the Bone” where I use Source energy to tap into their energetic field and twist things back into place energetically so they can heal more quickly.

What’s your favorite word?
My favorite word is “weird.” The reason being is that it comes from the Olde English word “wyrd” which means “fate.” So when people call you weird they’re really saying that you’re living fate.

Where did you grow up and what were you drawn to?
Los Angeles. At first I wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but by the time I started college I realized that the music industry warps everything. My music is my baby and I couldn’t stand knowing it would be mutilated. It was like watching them cut off limbs. As a young’n and into adulthood I generally loved just expressing myself through talking and creative expression. I would make up songs and stories all day long. I also loved metaphysics (yes, even then)! As a kid, my parents and I would go to the shores of Lake Michigan for a week or two during the summer where I’d pick up a rock off the shoreline and run to my parents and say “mommy this makes my hand feel tingly!” I collected rocks and began to ask myself, “what’s here?” I was just interested in magic – and not as in magic tricks – but rather how a tree grows or why I felt a certain way inside of myself around certain people or items.

What are you drawn to now?
Now I love teaching. I do donation-powered workshops once a month, YouTube videos, Facebook lives, and Instagram lives, as well as one-on-one psychic education in private sessions. Psychic education is my passion and my drive.

The most important thing to remember in day-to-day life is:
“You wrote this.” I’m of the belief that we wrote our own stories before we got to this earth – every single little detail from what pair of jeans you’re going to wear in the morning to what stroke you’re going to use to brush your teeth at night as well as what the purpose of your life is and how you’re going to carry that out. You wrote the moment when you got frustrated at the person driving 20 in a 50 mph zone. Then you ask yourself “why did I write that moment? Why did I get frustrated? Why did I end up being 20 minutes late because of it? Was it to prevent me from getting in a car accident or an argument with someone I met once I got to my destination?” It’s important to ground ourselves in that reality and to remember that it’s only just a blip of a moment in the fullness of our lives. It’s important to be able to gain perspective – to be able to look at ourselves from the outside, in.

Anything else you wish to share?
My main mission is to debunk the way mental illness is diagnosed. A lot of what I do in here is diagnosis of psychic ability because I believe that much of what ends up getting diagnosed as “mental illness” is truly just extreme psychic ability that has not been understood or reckoned with. I, personally, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 20 years old. What I really had was clairempathy – the psychic ability to take on the emotions of others as your own. After doing the work to understand that my ups and downs were correlated with the ups and downs of those around me, I started to put the puzzle pieces together and two years after beginning the work I went back to the psychologist who tested me (yes, MMPI and MDMI) and was officially undiagnosed. I don’t legally undiagnose people’s mental illnesses as I am not a licensed mental health professional (yet), but it is something that I want to make the world aware of. Expect a book in a few years!


Author:  Rachel Leah Gerson is a metaphysical practitioner at Doorway to Self. Rachel offers metaphysical inner guidance sessions and psychic training to help individuals bring answers to light and connect to the highest versions of themselves.