You are not who you “appear” to be. You are love. We are all of Love/God/Source and we have a body for a while to do the most good we can do in this world while, if we so choose, remembering we are not “of this world.”

When you see or encounter others acting in ways that do not feel loving or kind – or when you do or say things that are not loving or kind – know that it is not coming from the remembrance of  Self/Spirit, but rather from fear because we often forget who we truly are while “here.” Having forgotten our Self we feel separated from God and we act and react out of the fear that comes from our sense of separation from Source.

Whenever we remember our truth the only way we can BE (appearing) in this world is loving, kind and compassionate.

Forgiveness is the key to remembering. It’s key until we have remembered so completely that we realize even forgiveness isn’t necessary because we see beyond the “mistakes of the body” to the truth of our soul.

It’s the same as Jesus saying, “Forgive them. They know not what they do,” meaning that they have forgotten who they are and that we are all one. Forgetting this, they act out of fear from that sense of separation.

Jesus continued “rising again” to show us all that we are not our bodies. We are eternally spirit and with God. This is true for each of us. He didn’t come to say, “Look what I can do because I am greater than you,” as some have interpreted based on the ego’s thought system. Instead, a love-based thought system recognizes that Jesus came to show us who we all are and what we are capable of with/in Spirit. He modeled Christ-consciousness for us.

Jesus said (according to John), “Even the least among you can do all that I have done, and greater things.”  When he walked on water and was encouraging the others to do the same, he knew they could – if they had faith and they too remembered who they truly were.

When he helped others “heal” it wasn’t that he magically healed others with his exclusive powers. He simply created and held the space for their own remembrance of their truth and wholeness. Jesus didn’t see them as “sick” because with the Holy Spirit he looked beyond the appearance of their bodies to their truth and light. And in that field of resonance they too remembered who they truly were. All that was not true and not “of God” dissolved back into the nothingness from where it came.

In order for each of us to truly help heal this world, if we choose this path, we must remember that we are not our bodies. We must remember what we have done and what others have done that was not of love was not personal and came from fear.

Our souls and oneness can never be hurt or broken. We are kept safe in God. But we can’t remember this alone. We can ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten our mind, shifting our perceptions from fear to love, which is also the miracle. We are then forgiving everyone (including ourselves) for everything and living from our spirit identification rather than our story of our body identification. In our remembrance of who we truly are, others will remember as well and fear (ego) will completely dissolve and love will BE…

Please know that if even the thought of living completely from love and forgiveness brings up fear, you are not alone. Often at this point, though we know it rings true for us, the ego speaks even louder.

A Course in Miracles explains that the ego is “suspicious at best and vicious at worst.”  And it says clearly, “You are afraid of this because you believe that without the ego, all would be chaos. Yet I assure you that without the ego, all would be love.”

An enlightened mind, or “a mind in the Light,” simply means that the actions you will be inspired to take (“in-Spirit”) will have the power of God/love with them rather than reactions from a mind filled with the ego’s thoughts. A Course in Miracles is a beautiful way of teaching the very real steps we can take if we are ready to let go of our painful and fearful thoughts and return to love ~ therein creating the space for miracles to be revealed and reflected in our lives and in the world.

We have been granted free will to choose our thoughts. We cannot live in love and fear at the same time. In every moment we are choosing how we are living, learning and teaching in this world. We are either living in love (think: forgiveness) or fear (think ego and “edging God out.”) We are either learning to seek (and find) fear or love. We are either sharing and teaching fear or love. And the greatest of these is love.


Author: Keely understands that what we choose to share determines what we live and learn. With this she is a writer and Messenger of Miracles. She believes that miracles arise naturally as we shift our perceptions from fear to love. She also loves helping co-create conscious connection with Spirit in her studio, The Sacred Garden, sharing practices including invoking angels, meditation, and Holy Fire II Reiki.