Have you ever wanted to gain clarity? Heal a physical issue? Have you ever seen an emotional contribution to a physical issue? Do you experience chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, or infertility?

Would you love to lose weight permanently? Feel more confident?
Have you struggled with depression or anxiety for way too long?

When you work only with the body, the results can be a crap shoot.


When you engage the mind and re-train and re-wire the mind anything is possible.

You have often heard “we only use a fraction of our brain” and “what the mind believes the body achieves.”

Would you like your mind to work for you?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a novel and refreshing approach developed by Marissa Peer, who developed it and has worked with it for 30 plus years. It offers incredible results because it combines many excellent therapies: NLP neural linguistic programming, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

It works with the subconscious in a deeply relaxed state. What is this deeply relaxed state? It is the part of the mind we go to when we enjoy a daydream, are deep into a good book, or are creatively immersed in something where we lose track of time, cleaning and clearing out old ideas about ourselves.

It is called Rapid Transformational Therapy because it can literally change the trajectory of your life in one session.

It works just like a pilot setting the coordinates for the airplane to arrive at a specific destination. When you change the program your mind is running, you change the destination of your life path. We think our conscious minds are running our lives, but in reality it is the subconscious mind that is in control.

When a pattern that has been buried for a long time is triggered it’s like we’re  experiencing it for the first time. The problem for many of us is that it gets triggered over and over again and it feels as if we are hitting our head against the wall, leaving us frustrated and confused. “Why does this always happen to me?” is a familiar phrase.

RTT is used to gently access the subconscious. This is the deeper part of the mind that is responsible for processing thousands of things at one time and for storing everything we’ve experienced in our lives in differing degrees of importance. It runs on auto-pilot without us even realizing it.

RTT is not continuously talking about issues or highlighting everything you have experienced in your life in differing degrees of importance. Nor does it take months or years of dredging up the same old stuff. Rather, it’s one and done.

Here’s a brilliant metaphor: Have you ever cleaned out your closet? You know when you walk in your closet and either realize you can’t fit any more in it or you get tired of looking at the same junk? It’s outdated, no longer useful, and/or needs a fresh look?

That is exactly what we can and should do with our ideas and beliefs. Many are outdated. Most are not even ours. We adopted them from parents and teachers. They worked for us when we were little, but we’ve had them way too long. It’s like your winter coat – much needed in the winter, but when spring rolls in we take it off. Or that plaid jacket from the 80’s.

Our brain’s main job is to keep us safe. Period. The end. It will keep repeating a pattern until you tell it to stop. The trick is to see the pattern.

When you see the pattern and understand that is was only there to keep you safe, you can let it go. The next step is to identify what you do want and rewire it.

Your mind needs to work for you, NOT against you. Understanding is POWER.  You cannot change what you don’t understand. Your mind holds the key to unlock and heal the blocks. If you’re a human and have areas in your life that you would like to heal, especially anxiety, you will find this therapy incredible.

Get the results you have always wanted in an RTT session. You deserve the freedom.


About: Nancy Despres is a RN with a holistic practice focused on educating and empowering her clients to the highest level of well being. In her practice Out of the Blue Nancy uses a variety of functional medicine tools to explore, empower, dismantle and rewire her clients’ limiting beliefs in areas such as chronic illness, anxiety, depression, weight release, infertility and autoimmune disturbances.