Grand Rapids Wellness Studio


Yoga and Tai-Chi at the Wellness Collective


Various forms of yoga are offered at The Wellness Collective: kundalini, trauma informed, trauma sensitive, and mindful vinyasa as well as Chen tai-chi.

Kundalini yoga is considered one of the most comprehensive forms of yoga today. Susanne Werblow of Kundalini Yoga GR holds classes at The Wellness Collective four days a week. More info here.

Trauma informed yoga therapy and trauma sensitive yoga therapy aim to help individuals feel embodied and empowered. Grand Rapids Healing Yoga offers group classes and individual sessions at The Wellness Collective.

Mindful Vinyasa yoga pairs breath with movement while directing attention and awareness into the present moment. Kate Block of Little Dipper Holistic Therapies offers classes at The Wellness Collective.

Chen Tai-chi is offered at the Wellness Collective with acupuncturist Shane Monroe of East Wind Acupuncture. Chen tai-chi is an ancient healing art combining martial arts with Taoist breath and meditation techniques. This class teaches you how to move energy through your body in a way that promotes health and well-being. Tai-chi is offered three days a week. More info here.


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